LNER 43600 Gresley Open Third built 1934

LNER 43600 Gresley Open Third built 1934

LNER 43600 Gresley Open Third built 1934
LNER 43600 Gresley Open Third built 1934


Present Location Severn Valley
County Location Worcestershire
Designed For LNER
Build Location York
Diagram number 186
Lot number 559
Type TTO
First Number 43600
Later Numbers 13354 E13354E DE320960
Present Number 43600
Gauge 4ft 8 1/2in
Wheel Arrangement 4-w bogies
Original Underframe Yes
Original Bogies/Wheelsets Yes
Additional Notes First LNER vehicle with welded chassis - 1 ton lighter! Withdrawn 1961 for ER Control Train as Office Coach. P 1980 LNER (SVR) Coach Fund: ownership transferred 2010 to SVR Charitable Trust. Part of SVR's LNER teak running set. Interior restoration completed in 2014 - including LNER-style seating, following initial loose seating, soon "temporarily" replaced by non-authentic BR Mk 1 seating (which lasted for 33 years!). Other new interior items include tables, wall lamps (using LEDs), chromed luggage racks and Rexine-style wall coverings. Richard Hill's photo below shows interior as at 11/14. This vehicle was also overhauled mechanically and re-varnished before returning to the SVR teak train formation 11/14.
Owner SVR Trust
External Structural Condition Good
Internal Structural Condition Good
Underframe Condition Good
External Finish Good
Internal Finish Good
Degree of External Originality Much replaced/reproduced material
Degree of Internal Originality Much replaced/reproduced material
Degree of Underframe/Running Gear Originality Some replaced/reproduced material
Degree of External Authenticity Good
Degree of Internal Authenticity Fair
Degree of Underframe Authenticity Good
Rarity Several
Historical Importance some Interest, Modest Consequence
Storage Secure Building
Operating Yes
Survey Date 26/01/2015
Surveyor Richard Hill
Photo Date 01/11/2014
Photo by Bob Sweet
At Risk No
Date Record Last Updated 26/04/2016




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