LNWR 159 Clerestory RF (later in Ambulance Train) built 1890

LNWR 159 Clerestory RF (later in Ambulance Train) built 1890

LNWR 159 Clerestory RF (later in Ambulance Train) built 1890
LNWR 159 Clerestory RF (later in Ambulance Train) built 1890


Present Location Carnforth
County Location Lancashire
Designed For LNWR
Build Location Wolverton
Diagram number (19)
Type RF
First Number 159
Later Numbers 5159, 99880
Present Number 159
Gauge 4ft 8 1/2in
Wheel Arrangement 4-w bogies
Original Underframe No
Original Bogies/Wheelsets No
Additional Notes In WW1 ambulance train (probably No 18), then in Commander-in-Chief Earl Haig's private train / mobile HQ, France. Sold by War Department 1921 and grounded as holiday villa, Bognor. Body P 1978 Resco, on underframe of LMS GUV 37908 (qv). On Gresley bogies by 1984. Used in 'Royal Scotsman', then 'Queen of Scots' sets as dining car - Carnforth, St Leonards. Earliest restaurant car still in service (albeit body only!). Sold to WCRC and to Carnforth 11/08. Not seen in 'Queen of Scots' set since 2009 - understood may be undergoing repair/restoration. 02/20: confirmed still at Carnforth - condition still as shown in main photo above.
Owner West Coast Railway Company
External Structural Condition Very Good
Internal Structural Condition Very Good
Underframe Condition Very Good
External Finish Very Good
Internal Finish Very Good
Degree of External Originality Much replaced/reproduced material
Degree of Internal Originality Conversion/rebuild/reproduction
Degree of Underframe/Running Gear Originality Not Applicable
Degree of External Authenticity Very Good
Degree of Internal Authenticity Fair
Degree of Underframe Authenticity Not Applicable
Rarity Unique
Historical Importance Exceptionally Important
Storage Secure Building
Operating Yes
Survey Date 25/05/2009
Surveyor David Wigley
Photo Date 19/05/2013
Photo by Walter Plinge
At Risk No
Date Record Last Updated 25/07/2023





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