NER 3071 7 Compt Clerestory Luggage Comp (later T)(scrapped) built 1900

NER 3071 7 Compt Clerestory Luggage Comp (later T)(scrapped) built 1900


Present Location Beamish (scrapped)
County Location Durham
Designed For NER
Build Location York
Diagram number 7
Type C
First Number 3071
Later Numbers 23071 NCB 9300/152
Gauge 4ft 8 1/2in
Wheel Arrangement Body only
Additional Notes 7 compartments + luggage compartment. Three centre compartments were first class but downgraded to third in 1930. Sold to NCB 11/1949. P 1968 from Ashington Colliery, but stored at Templetown Works, Consett. One end fire damaged in 1973, rest dismantled for spares after being moved to Beamish in 12/73. Some references suggest that: (a) the vehicle now restored and numbered NER 818 (qv) might actually be this one; (b) the one listed as NER 1149 (qv) might actually be the original 818; (c) the original 1149 might actually be the one of this group of three vehicles which was scrapped, rather than this one. However, at 09/2019 this one is believed to be the original NER 3071.
Rarity n/a
Operating No
At Risk No
Date Record Last Updated 22/09/2019




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